Diane Borad-Mirken

Diane Borad-Mirken

Music and children have been Diane’s passions her entire life.

At age seven she reports making her next door neighbors sit down so that she could serenade them with “The Lullaby of Broadway.”  She continues to this day as an entertainer specializing in Broadway Showtunes and old standards.

At age 16, Diane started working with children’s programs every summer until she got her teaching credential, and then spent the next 35 years teaching kindergarten through second grade.

Diane’s involvement in service for local music groups on the central coast continued through the years.  She took on the direction of a large children’s choir as an after school program, and continued this for 26 years, interrupted only by COVID restrictions.  Her involvement with the Santa Maria Philharmonic started with being a participant with the popular Music Van program.  She then thought, “I want to lead this program when I retire.”  She did so, and continued for 17 years.  She also served on the Santa Maria Philharmonic’s Board of Directors, participating in many events and fundraisers up until her retirement from the Board in 2020.

Diane is very proud of her work directing The Special Needs Network Music and Drama Club, a diverse group of developmentally disabled, wheelchair bound and autistic adults. She participated for nine years, writing original musical productions for them twice each year. When not involved with these activities, she is busy being head of fundraising for her synagogue.