Cash Donation

Direct donations can be listed in your IRS filing as approved contribution deductibles. The SM Philharmonic is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization.

Donation of Stock

If you purchased a stock at a considerably lower price than the present market, it may be wise to contribute the stock rather than cash. You are given IRS tax credit for the market value of the stock at the time of the donation. However, you do not have to account for the capital gain, avoiding what may be a considerable addition to your tax liability.

Matching Grants

Your donations to the Santa Maria Philharmonic Society are tax deductible and may also qualify for a matching grant from your employer.


You may choose to give a designated amount each month and request monthly billing from the Philharmonic Society (or handle it in your own way).


Charitable Trusts

There are several methods involving trust accounts that can reduce income tax burdens while supporting your desired non-profit organization such as the Philharmonic. The details need to be discussed with a tax advisor or attorney or investment counselor, and the types include Charitable Lead Trusts and Charitable Remainder Trusts.

Family Trusts

Your family trust can include a directive to provide a legacy gift to a named charity upon the demise of the originating trustees. This type of deferred giving can be changed or amended at any time by the trustee if desired, and is protective of your assets during your lifetime.